Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Days

The weather is starting to warm up for a few days at a time. When the sun is out we are outside! We love taking the kids to new places and see how they interact with people and new scenery. Last weekend we took them to the waterfront for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and then a walk to Fort Vancouver. They had a blast watching the planes fly in and out of Portland Airport. Jayden gave a little yell when a boat would go by, it was priceless! Our walk was around 3 miles and Jayden was such a trooper walking the whole way. I need to rewind a few days, I have been reading him the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. He loves pointing to the pictures and asking what everything is, which is great, then I'll ask him and he'll tell me what everything is. He kept saying "wolf bad Mommy". Well at the Fort he made me so proud. In one of the buildings they had a station set up for the kids and it was furs on display of all things. The animal pelts were foxes, bears, beavers, badgers and coyotes. Jayden walked right up to the coyote and whispered "Wolf, Bad Wolf"! I had to laugh. The guy who was there helping out the kids told him that it wasn't a wolf and proceeded to tell him it was a coyote. I step in and told Jayden, great job, yes it's the bad wolf. He looked at me and smiled. That night we came home and went to read a different story and he pointed out the wolf from the stories and said, "Mommy, that's him, the bad wolf the bad wolf! I loved sharing that moment with him, only Jayden and I knew what he meant inside that building, it was OUR moment!
Today we took Jayden and Tyran to the Farmer's Market in Vancouver. We walked around and ate lunch and looked at all the booth's. Watching them react to what was around them was incredible. Tyran waved and said "hi" to everyone who past us. Jayden impressed us by eating a whole corn dog today. We stopped to watch a performer called "The Curt Show". He was funny and Tyran would clap. Jayden would rather walk around, so after the show we took them to a store. Jason and I would walk by it and see these cool sweat shrits in the window. So today we went in to see them. We tried one on Jayden and he loved it. Well being new parents we love shopping for them. He gets so excited when he sees fun things to play with. While we were in the store the brought out a remote control helicopter. He screamed with excitement and everyone loved it. The bad thing about that store is that they try and push everything down your throat. I just wanted to be left alone to walk around and see things for myself with the kids. Tyran also came out with a very cute pair of sandals for our summer vacation. We ended our day at home, with family time. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
Jason & Christina

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